About Us

About Us

Our Story
CyParks.Com is owned by CyParks Technologies Limited, is an eCommerce Marketplace for Digital Products and Online Services. A Dynamic Online Platform for skilled Online Freelancers, Creators, and  Professionals that enjoy working remotely.

We sell digital products and online services created by people that are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.

From simple "How to" eBooks, Videos, Audios to advance Academic research. CyParks delivers digital products to customers worldwide. CyParks was founded in March 2008 and Launched on 26 June 2008. At that time, the site was positioned as an online platform for writers, where writers of articles, write and submit articles for publishing on the site. In turn, anyone can come to the site, read or copy and republish the articles in any format but must give all credit to the original writer.

The site generates revenue by selling Ad space through Google Adsense and other Ad networks. After some months, we joined Amazon as their Associates selling Amazon products. It was then that an idea for an eCommerce site for CyParks was born. That was in October 2012.

The site was redesigned and started operating as an eCommerce platform, handling sales of products and services from sellers around the world.

Frustrated by the slow logistic process for tangible products sold on the site, delays in deliveries from the merchant's logistic partners, then the CEO AbdulMalik Saidu, decided to convince the Board of the company to focus on selling intangible products (Digital Product: eBooks, Audio, Videos, Software and Online Services created by highly motivated people who love what they do) which can be downloaded instantly or accessed online without wasting time on logistical delays.

In June 2016, CyParks switched to selling digital products and online services.

Now CyParks enables Internet Marketers especially Info Marketers and Affiliate Marketers to do business worldwide.

The platform handles sales of many digital and online products from digital and online content creators by harnessing the power of Affiliates marketers.

Our mission
Our mission is to provide jobs to all Professionals that can perform their tasks remotely, empower Independent Digital Creators and Affiliate Marketers from around the world to earn a good living doing what they love.

Our Promise
To our customers:
We will and will continue to provide you with the high-quality Digital Products and Online Services that money can buy. CyParks will ENSURE that the product is delivered to you in good time and you are satisfied with it or you get your money back (T&C Apply).

To our Merchants:
We will sell your products as fast as we can. This will be done by enhancing the power of our affiliate marketers, search engine, social networking, email marketing, SMS/mobile marketing, and ads networks. Also, CyParks will assist you in developing highly converting ad copies that will skyrocket your conversion (T&C Apply).

To our Affiliates:
We will reward you handsomely for your performance. We will pay you up to 40% in commission for every sale you make. CyParks will make your affiliate marketing process as simple as possible, as simple as sharing product links on Social networks, with just a click.

To ourselves (CyParks):
Continues improvement and innovation.