Author Terms

Author Terms


1. Hello, our name is CyParks. We previously met at CyParks General Terms. It's great to see you again, and we're thrilled you're interested in working with us as an author.

2. Imagine being able to create whatever you want, whenever you want, from the comfort of your own home, while earning passive money whether you work or not. Some of our authors sell stock as a pastime, others do it to get their name out there, and a few are able to make it their full-time job.

3. Becoming an author is simple, and if you've made it this far, you're already a member who has agreed to the CyParks General Terms. These supplementary terms for authors (the "Author Terms") are an addition to the CyParks General Terms that apply only to authors on CyParks.Com. Before you can become an author, you must agree to them. These regulate authors' relationships with us and buyers who use CyParks.Com, as well as their rights and obligations. You agree to list your items on CyParks.Com and make them available to buyers in accordance with the terms of the CyParks General Terms and these Author Terms.

As a CyParks author, you have obligations to both us and the buyers of your items. Please read these Author Terms carefully before proceeding.

4. We refer to you, the author, as the CyParks account holder, when we use the word "you", “Seller”, “Vendor” in these Author Terms. The meaning of all other terms stated or clarified in the CyParks General Terms is the same here. If there is a conflict between what we say in these Author Terms and what we say in the CyParks General Terms, the Author Terms take precedence.

5. Continue reading to learn more about your author obligations, how to sell your items on CyParks.Com, and how to make money with us.

How to Become an Author

6. It is completely free to become an author: It is free to become an author and list your items on the CyParks.Com, however, there is a screening process. In exchange for the opportunity to be an author, you agree to a few things, which are stated in these Author Terms.

7. The steps to becoming an author are as follows: To sign up as an author, Sign Up here. You can use the knowledge base content to get to speed on how to list your products on CyParks. How to Sell on CyParks.

How the process of selling your items works

8. What you're going to provide:

1. License: When you ‘sell' an item, you're granting purchasers and downloaders permission to use it under certain restrictions; you're not truly selling the item. What you're selling includes a license for the buyer or downloader to use the item according to the license options you choose.

2. Item support: You have the option of supporting or not supporting certain Items. If you choose to support a particular item, it will be noted on the item's page. A support period is included with all supported items. On these items, buyers can purchase support extensions.

9. The overall price of an item on CyParks.Com is made up of the following components:

1. Item price: The item price is made up of a license cost (for the item's license) and, if applicable, an item support fee (for supported items).

2. Buyer fee: This is the cost paid by buyers to CyParks in exchange for the buyer services we provide.

3. Handling cost: A handling fee may be included in the total checkout price in some transactions.

4. Taxes: Some transactions may be subject to a tax, which will be added to the final cost.

The list price is the price on an item page, and it is made up of the item price and the buyer fee. For information on all aspects of the overall price, see CyParks General Terms.

10. Exclusivity: As an author, you have the option of making your items and associated things available exclusively on CyParks or continuing to sell them elsewhere. Depending on your option, the percentage of revenue you receive from each sale of your item will vary

11. Establishing item prices: You, as an author, are in charge of determining the prices for your products. This is referred to as 'Author Driven Pricing.' All pricing decisions must be made separately, and discussions concerning your pricing decisions (including with other writers) are strictly prohibited.

13. No Variation: You as the Author can specified a term to a specific product provided it does not adversly affect CyParks General Terms. Example are Money Back Guarantee for specific product or multiuser restrictions.

How do earnings payments work?

These sections describe how earning money on the CyParks.Com works, as well as vital information on deposits and withdrawals from your account.

Payment of earnings:

14. We shall pay you the item price component of the total price (‘your earnings' or ‘earnings') less the author fee and Affiliate cahrges. You authorize us to collect payments, credit your CyParks account with your earnings, and distribute your earnings to you in order for us to do so. We may enlist the help of another CyParks’ third party company to complete these tasks.

16. To avoid any misunderstanding, you will only be paid your earnings from the sale of your items (as well as referral earnings from our separate Affiliate Program).

16. Earnings Payments: We'll make payments based on specific minimal threshold amounts which will be dispayed on your CyParks Account Dashboard.

17. Payment of earnings: When and how do you get paid?

1. You ask us to hold the balance of your earnings until they are paid out to you, the CyParks account holder. You can create an automated payment destination that belongs to you, the owner of the CyParks account. We make payouts of your earnings base on your request, to your payment destination when your earnings surpass stated threshold amounts.

2. If you submit a payment request, we'll pay you so soon as posible.

3. When you set your payment destination, you must give us with the right information and payment method.

4. Despite section 17(1) above, we reserve the right to pay you your earnings at our discretion at any time.

5. You may be responsible for any or all expenses in remitting funds to you.

Deductions that could be made:

1. Buyers can pay for your items using a variety of payment methods, each of which has its own set of terms and conditions for refunds, chargebacks, fees, and unauthorised transactions (which we have no control over). If a CyParks transaction on an item is subject to payment agents’ refunds, chargeback, fees or unauthorized transactions, we may automatically deduct those amounts from your CyParks account.

2. In some cases involving issues with your item, or transactions that may be reversed for other reasons, you or we may opt to offer a credit or refund to the buyer. If this occurs, we reserve the right to deduct any amounts that would otherwise be payable to you from your CyParks account.

3. If you breach any warranty you have given us, we may deduct any payments owing to you from any amounts we have to pay to anybody else as a result of your breach.

20. Payment errors: If we are unable to pay your earnings to you for any reason, including if:

1. We do not have the correct payment details;

2. We are unable to contact you using the contact details that you have provided;

3. You have not made a request for payment; or

4. You are requesting payment to be made to a person, an institution, or a country that we are not familiar with; we will continue to hold your earnings.

21. Currency conversions: You are liable for all fees associated with converting the amount of a payment from US dollars to your preferred currency whenever we make a payment to you as an author. The currency conversion is handled by your banking institution, which may charge you additional costs (we have no influence over the conversion rates or the fees charged by your financial institution).

22. Holding earnings: If we determine that an item of yours violates an applicable law or any of our rules or guidelines, including the CyParks General Terms and these Author Terms, we may disable the item or your membership at our discretion. We may also keep any earnings on that item or your account for up to two years, and release those earnings if we are satisfied that any dispute or issue with your item has been resolved within that time.

The CyParks General Terms contain critical information regarding how our interactions with you may be limited or your earnings forfeited. Please read sections 55-56 of the CyParks General Terms carefully.

Author house-keeping

Taxes that apply to our supplies are as follows:

1. Any fees paid by you for supplies provided by CyParks under these conditions are exclusive of Nigerian VAT (unless expressly stated otherwise on the site). If we make a supply under or in connection with these terms that is subject to Nigerian VAT, any applicable fee we charge for that supply is increased by an amount equal to the VAT payable by CyParks on that supply, and you must also pay to CyParks an amount equal to the VAT payable by CyParks on that supply.

24. Taxes that relate to your supplies include the following:

1. As a CyParks author, you are liable for any applicable taxes.

2. CyParks shall bill, collect, and account for the following:

3. VAT in Nigeria, if the buyer is based in Nigeria. CyParks is VAT registered in Nigeria, and you authorize CyParks to issue tax invoices for any deliveries (including license sales) that you make to Nigerian customers.

4. We may deduct or withhold taxes (including withholding tax) in connection with your status as an author if required by law. If that's the case, we'll provide you with the necessary legal documentation regarding the deduction or withholding (like documentation allowing you to access rebates or credits, or to manage your tax affairs).

5. To ascertain your location, we may gather geographical location information. To assist us in identifying you, you may be needed to provide us with tax-related documentation or information. Because the information and documentation you provide us may be utilized for tax purposes, it must be accurate. One CyParks Company may gather information or documentation, which is then revealed to or processed by another CyParks Company. In order to comply with our compliance procedures and duties, we or another CyParks Company may disclose or submit your information to regulators and government authorities.

25. Invoices: For transactions between Authors and buyers on CyParks, we shall issue invoices (or, in some situations, tax invoices).

Your guarantees and responsibilities are as follows:

26. As an author, you warrant to us and each buyer of your items that:

1. The item is of acceptable quality and fit for the purpose for which it is 'sold';

2. The item matches the description provided by you on the item preview page, as well as any item preview;

3. You will honor any express warranties given to buyers that are not contained in the CyParks General Terms;

4. You have the rights necessary to sell your items.

27. If you provide free downloads of your things on CyParks.Com, the guarantees you provide to buyers apply to anybody who downloads your item from CyParks.Com. We may allow a customer to purchase an item for another member in certain circumstances, and in such event, you agree that these warranties apply to the member for whom the item is purchased.

28. As mentioned in sections 49-50 of the CyParks General Terms, you provide an indemnity (legal protection) to and are liable to each buyer of your commodities.

As an author, you have obligations to both us and the customers of your products. Consider your responsibilities for a moment.

29. As an author you warrant to us that:

1. You will not use CyParks.Com to offer non-CyParks goods or services to buyers;

2. You will not buy your own items;

3. You will follow any author guidelines provided by us, act in good faith, and provide assistance and co-operation as we reasonably request;

4. Information and documentation you give us (like your name and address) is accurate; and

5. Where you have marked an item as 'supported', you will provide buyers of your item with support for the included support period and any support extension period purchased, unless we agree otherwise.

30. Buyers' use of your item: We are not responsible for any loss you may incur as a result of a buyer or other person using your item in violation of the CyParks General Terms or the item's license.

31. Use of your product by other authors and affiliates: No compensation is expected if a CyParks affiliate uses your item thumbnail previews in their promotion of CyParks.Com. Without your permission or compensation, a fellow author may use a watermarked preview of your item in a preview of another item on any CyParks Company site. The watermarked item is credited to you either by giving a link to your item on the CyParks.Com or by crediting your item on the CyParks.Com to you in some other way.

32. Our use of your item: We may use your item in whole or in part to promote CyParks. This promotion could take the form of public relations, emails, a feature page, or other websites (e.g. social networks). These usages are not remunerated in any way.

33. Item removal: We reserve the right, at our discretion, to remove an item for any reason. For example, we may conduct library reviews in order to maintain the CyParks.Com current and full of high-quality items that adhere to the most recent technical requirements and market trends. Also, faults with an item, such as inaccuracies, misrepresentations, or even infractions, may be brought to our attention. Our goal is to always work positively with you in these instances. We also try to provide you advance warning before removing an item, but this isn't always possible or viable, so we can't guarantee it. We shall not be liable for any losses you may incur as a result of the removal of your item.

Information about the individual

34. We may give you with relevant buyer information in order to assist a transaction on CyParks.Com, and we may likewise provide buyers with your relevant information (for example for invoicing or item support services). You promise to keep buyer information private and use it only for that CyParks.Com transaction, in accordance with all applicable privacy and data protection regulations.

35. If a member or a model voluntarily provides you with (or your item accesses or uses) usernames, passwords, photo identification, or other personal information of the member or model (personal information) in addition to what CyParks provides you with, you must:

1. Provide a privacy notice informing the member or model of the personal information you will receive.

See our Privacy Policy for more details on how we handle user information.

Special considerations

Promotions and special offers

36. As part of generating commercial growth options for authors, we may negotiate volume sales or other arrangements with customers on occasion (special deals). You give us permission to negotiate special deals in order for us to make this possible. We may also provide discounts to CyParks.Com customers. In most cases, this will be handled by our pricing strategy. If a pricing promotion involves a change in the author fee or licensing terms, it is considered a special promotion, and the parts below apply.

37. Because of the nature of special promotions, the prices of your items may differ from the quoted item price. This means that your earnings from the sale of your things in a special offer may not always be determined by the published price on the CyParks.Com. The author fee for special deals and special promotions may differ due to the type of special deals and special promotions.

38. We'll provide you with information on the special deal or special promotion, item pricing, and author fee before your item is included in a special deal or special promotion. If a special deal or special campaign entails a change in the author fee, you can decline to participate. We'll let you know how long you have to opt out, and if you don't, your item will be included in the special offer or promotion.

39. Supplementary licensing agreements may be required for special discounts and special campaigns to allow the buyer to use your products in specific ways. If these supplemental licenses differ significantly from ordinary CyParks licenses, you will have the option to opt out of the special deal or special promotion within the time period we specify when we make the offer to you.

If any special deal or special campaign entails a change in the author fee, you will always have the option to opt out. Other details, such as pricing, are decided by us.

Legal housekeeping

Relationship between us and you: There is no partnership, joint venture, employment, or agency relationship between you and us as a result of these terms. Neither you nor we have the authority to act on behalf of the other. However, you appoint us as your limited agent only for the following purposes:

1. To receive Buy Now payments from buyers (the buyer's obligation to pay you for an item is met when they make a Buy Now payment to us or a CyParks Company);

2. for passing on the warranties provided in section 21 of the CyParks General Terms to buyers;

3. for limiting your obligation to customers in sections 50-51 of the CyParks General Terms.


Author/Seller/Vendor: a CyParks.Com member who sells products on the site.

Buyer fee: a price charged by CyParks for services such as 24/7 buyer support, fraud protection, item quality control, and other buyer-related services.

Item price: as defined in section 9, the price a buyer pays for an item.

Item support refers to the assistance you provide to buyers of things you choose to support, as outlined in the item support policy.

The list price is the total of the item price and the buyer fee that you see on an item page on CyParks.Com.

We're delighted you've made it this far through this important information. We wish you the best of luck in your efforts to sell your products on the CyParks.Com.

Version 1.4 - Effective date: 13 February 2022.