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Benefits of joining CyParks Affiliate Program

Joining is Free

Joining is Free

Joining is free. Unlike other Affiliate networks that charge monthly or annual fees to join. Once you are a CyParks Member, you're automatically a CyParks Affiliate.

Easy Earning

Easy Earning

We make it easy to start earning with great tools. Simply use the social sharing buttons found on each product page and share on any social network of your choice.

Instant Payment

Instant Payment

Get paid at any time you want. Once you generate sales, you can always request your payment. Funds are transferred immediately once you request.

High Commission

High Commission

We pay you 30% for every sale you make and instantly. We pay you an additional 5% for every sale your Sponsored Affiliates make, from the day referred.

Longer Cookie

Longer Cookie

Enjoy 60 days of cookie tracking on your referral. If you referred a buyer and the buyer didn’t buy immediately, you can still get paid when the buyer buys within 60 days.

Superb Support

Superb Support

CyParks will give tips and tricks to improve your affiliate earnings through our newsletter and Blog. Will always be here to answer your queries.



Affiliate Q & A


What is CyParks?


CyParks.Com is an eCommerce Marketplace for Digital Products and Online Services. It is a platform that enables digital product creators and online service providers to sell their products or services globally through the help of our global network of affiliates.


What is CyParks Affiliate Program?


CyParks Affiliate Program is a unique affiliate program that allows you to earn commission on every purchase made by customers you referred to CyParks. It is open to all CyParks users, which includes, content creators, publishers, Bloggers, website owners, and anyone who loves making money online. They can use their unique affiliate link to refer customers to CyParks.Com.


As an affiliate, you have full access to cool affiliate tools that will allow you to create links, copy banner codes to paste on your blog or website, check how much you earn, check how much you earn through your Sponsored Affiliates (Downline Affiliates), check who is your Down-line Affiliates and how many they are, and also see real-time your referred traffic to .


Who is eligible to join CyParks Affiliate program?


Anybody, age 18 years and above is free to join.


How do I join CyParks Affiliate Program?


Just click on the button found above or below this page that says “Join Us”. Note that if you have already joined CyParks; just go to your CyParks Dashboard and Affiliate.


How do you pay Affiliates?


We pay through PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwaves and Stripe.


How much is the minimum amount I must have before requesting a withdrawal?


The minimum amount you must have before requesting withdrawal is Fifty USD ($50).


How can I refer a customer or Sponsored an Affiliate?


Once you join CyParks, just log into your dashboard (Your CyParks Profile page), you will see two links. One for referring customers, the other for inviting Sponsored Affiliates. You can share the links through any means (Social media, (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc) and eMail ). Also, banners will be provided in your account’s Affiliate Dashboard which you can use to display on your website or blog. Once the links or banners are clicked, even if the customer or potential affiliate did not make any purchase or join CyParks at that moment, CyParks will still record them as coming from you, if they eventually make a purchase or join within 60 days of their first visit.


How do I know how many Affiliates I have sponsored?


Go to your Affiliate dashboard and click “Affiliates” you will see how many Affiliates you have sponsored.


How do you track referred Customers?


We make use of Cookies and the IP address of the Users to track their visits to CyParks.


How long do your Cookies last?


The Cookies are set to last for 60 days until cleared (deleted) from the device.


What do you mean by "the Device"?


The Devices are the hardware the customer uses to access CyParks to join or make purchases. The following are the most commonly used devices; Desktop, Laptop Computers, and Mobile Phones.


Can I refer myself as a customer of my product?




Can I refer others to buy my products?


Yes you can, and you will earn as a Vendor and as an Affiliate.


How much can one make in a month?


That depends on the number of customers you refer to CyParks and how many made purchases.

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