What is CyParks?

CyParks.Com is an eCommerce Marketplace for Digital Products and Online Services. It is a platform that enables digital product creators and online service providers to sell their products or services globally through the help of our global network of affiliates.


Who or What is a Vendor?

A Vendor is a person that has the product or services that is being sold on CyParks.Com


Who is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a person who helps sell Vendor’s Products or Services by recommending them to potential Buyers.


What is the difference between a Vendor and Author?

Vendor and Author mean the same thing on CyParks.


Do I have to pay to join CyParks as an Affiliate?

Absolutely no! We don’t ask for sign-up fees on CyParks as an Affiliate.


Do I have to pay to join CyParks as a Vendor?

Not at all. Joining CyParks is free is absolutely free.


If CyParks is free, why do you sell subscriptions?

CyParks remain free forever however, if a Vendor chooses to host his or her main files (Downloadable files above 500MB)  on our storage space, then we will charge the Vendor a very small amount for the storage space. The Vendor is free to store his or her files externally at any time.


Can I sell other people's products as a Vendor if I have the resale right?

CyParks.Com allows the sells of products with resell right, but we don't allow the same product to be sold by more than one person.


Do I get my money back if I am not satisfied with the product I bought?

Buyers and Vendors are always protected on CyParks and all products come with a money-back guarantee for a specific period as specified by the Vendor. Buyers can always ask for money back if they are not satisfied with the product provided the guaranty period has not elapsed and the buyer is not a "frequently asking money back type of Customer".


What is your pricing like?

For every transaction (Sales) of any product, the amount of the selling price of the product are distributed thus:

10% for CyParks, 
35 to 40% for our Affiliate, (Unrestricted unlimited Affiliates)
50% for the Vendor.

Yes, we pay our Affiliates well, and the good thing is that, a Vendor can also be his or her own affiliate too, earning about 90% of the sale revenue. However, you probably don't need to be your own affiliate. You're dealing with digital products, you produce once, and get it sold unlimited times, the affiliate will handle that for you in multitude while you focus on what matters most to you.