CyParks is an eCommerce marketplace that offers a wide range of digital products and online services. It serves as a platform for both buyers and sellers to connect and transact in various categories such as software, eBooks, graphics, web design, and more

A Vendor is a person that has the product or services that is being sold on CyParks.Com.

An affiliate is a person who helps sell Vendor’s Products or Services by recommending them to potential Buyers.

Vendor and Author mean the same thing on CyParks.

Not at all! CyParks does not require any sign-up fees for those joining as Affiliates.

Not at all. Joining CyParks is free is absolutely free. Our free plan provides everything you need to kickstart your journey on CyParks as a Vendor.

Absolutely. Once you sign up on CyParks, you seamlessly gain access to functions as a Buyer, Vendor, and Affiliate, all under one account.

CyParks stands out for its focus on digital products and online services, providing a specialized platform for creators and consumers in these areas. Additionally, CyParks emphasizes community engagement and support for independent creators.

Users can find a diverse array of offerings on CyParks, including software applications, eBooks, digital artwork, music tracks, online courses, web development services, and much more.

Yes, CyParks welcomes anyone with digital products or online services to become a seller. Prospective sellers can sign up for an account on the platform and list their offerings for sale following the provided guidelines.

CyParks employs secure payment processing systems and implements measures such as encryption and fraud detection to safeguard transactions. Additionally, the platform offers buyer protection policies to ensure satisfaction and resolution in case of disputes

Buyers benefit from a vast selection of high-quality digital products and online services, secure transactions, and a supportive community. Sellers can reach a global audience; receive fair compensation for their work, and access tools and resources to grow their businesses.

Yes, users can leave reviews and ratings for products and services they have purchased on CyParks. This feedback system helps maintain quality standards and assists other users in making informed decisions.

CyParks employs various security measures, including identity verification, transaction monitoring, and anti-fraud protocols, to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Additionally, the platform enforces strict policies and guidelines to uphold integrity and trust among its user base

CyParks takes a 10% commission on every transaction (sale of a product or service). The remaining 90% is shared between the vendor and the affiliate who brought in the sale.

Vendor sets the Affiliate commission

Here’s the key thing: the vendor gets to decide what amount of that 90% goes to the Affiliate. For example, let’s say a Vendor has a product for sale at $100. They might choose to offer a 70% commission to the Affiliate, which would mean:

  • The Affiliate earns $70 (70% of $100)
  • The vendor earns $20 (remaining balance from the 90%)

Sub-Affiliate commissions

CyParks also has a Sub-affiliate program. This means that if an Affiliate you recruited (your sub-affiliate) makes a sale, you’ll earn a commission on their sales too! In this case, you’d get 5% of whatever commission your sub-affiliate earned. Going back to our example:

  • If your sub-affiliate earned the $70 commission (as described above), you would earn 5% of that ($70) as a sub-affiliate commission, which is $3.50.