Selling on CyParks

Selling on CyParks

Selling on CyParks is easy. However, some get confused when trying to post an Item for sale on CyParks. 


This article is written to speed up the process of posting items for sale on CyParks without getting confused in the process.


1.0. What you need to know first

To post your item on CyParks, there are 3 key things you must have ready:


a)     The product.

b)    The Images/Screenshots/Preview video.

c)     The Sales copy.


1.1. The Product: This means the Digital Product or the Online Services (e.g. Web design, Article writing, Online Training, etc.) that you want to provide.


Note that if the product is digital (the file is called Main File) you must have the file ready in zip format for easy uploading and download. Also if the product is an Online Training, you must have the link to the training platform and the credential (Password and Username) ready.


When a buyer makes a payment for the product, the buyer must have instant access to the product, except for services like, web design among many which may take some time to complete and deliver. 


You are required to upload the file in zip format on CyParks (recommended) during posting or provide a link to where you stored the file for easy download. If the product is an online training, you must provide a link to where the buyer can access the password to gain access to the training.



1.2. Preview image/ Preview video /Screenshots /Thumbnails: This is the image or video that will display on the single product page, on the listing page, and, on the checkout page respectively. 


The Preview Image is the image that displays on the single product page. It must be in jpeg, jpg format, and 361x230px in size. 


The Screenshot (optional) displays below the Preview image on the single product page. It can have multiple images showcasing the product. The image(s) must be in jpeg, jpg format, and 750x430px in size.



The Thumbnail Image is the same as the preview image but smaller in size. It must be in jpeg, jpg format, and 80x80px in size.


The Preview Video (Optional), when this is provided, it will automatically replace the preview image. Instead of an image, one can see and play the video there. You can upload the video in MP4 format or enter a YouTube URL (link) for the video.


Note: All the files (The Main file in zip (see 1 above), the Preview image in JPG, the Thumbnail image in JPG, and the Preview Video in MP4, if need) must be uploaded first before proceeding with the posting. 


Both the images and the video file must be named appropriately for easy identification. e.g. for a product called “How to Cook” the names of the files should be thus:


1.     For the Main file: how-to-cook-(main-file).zip

2.     For Preview image: how-to-cook-(preview-file).jpg

3.     For Thumbnail image: how-to-cook-(thumbnail-file).jpg

4.     For Preview video: how-to-cook-(preview-video-file).zip


1.3. Sales copy and Pricing: 

Selling is a skill and is needed when crafting your sales copy. Selling a product online depends mostly on the sales copy. The primary function of an Affiliate marketer is to send traffic to the product page, but if the sales copy on the product page is not persuasive enough, there will be no conversion. If you’re poor at writing sales copy, please hire a professional to do that for you. It's worth it. Also, another key thing to note is pricing. You know the worth of your product, then, price it appropriately.


2.0. Posting your Item for Sell

To post an Item, login into your CyParks account.


2.1. Click on “Manage Items”.




2.2. Click on “Upload Item” and also click on the type of product 




2.3. Upload all the files as explained in 1.2. above




2.4. Make sure all the selected files are uploaded at once. If some were unable to be upload, just start all over again from 2.1 and upload just the remaining that were not uploaded.




2.5. Select the corresponding file according to their respective fields. Note that for screenshots you can select multiple provided you have uploaded those earlier. The video preview is optional and you can even use YouTube URL too.




2.6. Write your Short and Detailed description.




2.7. Select your category of the product. 




2.8. Select the format of the product, select whether the product has a money-back guaranty or not. If yes, enter the number of days and write your refund terms 




2.9. Select if you want to apply for flash sales or not. Note that flash sales price is 50% less the original price. Then enter some tags related to your product.   




2.10. Select if you want to give the product our for free or not, provide future updates or not. Then enter the appropriate price and submit it for review.